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Club Equipment
NEFAR ground support equipment has grown in leaps and bounds. Starting from humble beginnings of only a handful of active high power pads and a collection of low power launch equipment, the club has invested time and resources into a robust launch system. This insures that each launch will have:

There will be a least 1 port-o-potty at each NEFAR launch at the Clegg Sod Farm.


Here are the details on our Waiver and Insurance.

Clegg Sod Farm.
Currently NEFAR has one waivered site - the Clegg Sod Farm in Bunnell, Florida. This Sod Farm is approximately 2 square miles of sod with surrounding farmland. This limits us to "M" motors when complying with the NAR & Tripoli safety codes.
Directions to Clegg Sod FarmMap and Satellite View of Sod Farm(170K)

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