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The Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) is a club committed to having both family and high powered adult events. 
Most of our launches are open to the entire family and we encourage rocketeers of all ages to participate in our exciting sport. 
We fly rockets of all sizes and types that are compliant with the Tripoli Rocketry Association rules, up to impulse level M, and up to altitudes of 10,000 feet. 
Each launch is defined as to the type of rockets than can be flown, where it will be and when on our Calendar page.


NEFAR has a FaceBook page to facilitate communication and sharing among members and officers.  
It is closed to the general public.  
New members may obtain access to this page through Club Officers, who maintain our FaceBook account.
Non-members may be granted access, provided that they demonstrate an interest promoting rocketry are willing to abide by our rules for safety, legality, and civility.

NEFAR officers can be contacted through e-mail, as provided on our Contacts page

Anyone is welcomed to visit our launches. Flyers will be subject to a flight fee as listed in the table below.  These fees are used to provide launch day facilities such as port-o-potties. Directions to launch sites can be found on our Equipment & Sites page.

Flight Fees

Member (Individual) $10.00 / day
Member (Family ONE adult individual with up to TWO minor children) $15.00 / day
Non-Member Individual $15.00 / day (1st 2 days, $20 day subsequent)
Non-Member Family (ONE adult individual with up to TWO minor children) $20.00 / day (1st 2 days, $25 day subsequent)


Annual membership fees

Adults (NAR Class C)


Family (ONE adult individual with up to TWO minor children. )


NAR Class A: 7 - 13 Years Old

NAR Class B: 14 - 18 Years Old
NAR Class C: 19+ Years Old

A PDF copy of the membership application may be downloaded and mailed via snail mail.  

Checks should be made to:  
Robb Haskins

Send membership applications to:

NEFAR Membership
c/o Robb Haskins
5463 White Heron Pkwy
Oviedo, FL 32765

Membership fees are used to pay for: club renewal fees with Tripoli & NAR (which provides launch site insurance), printing costs, and all other club expenses. Memberships dues are paid in January with membership running through December of the same year. Anyone wishing to join after January will be charged the full membership fee through June. For Anyone joining after June (July - December) fees will be discounted.

Here is a copy of our bylaws - We are still a growing club and your comments are appreciated!

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