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Welcome to the NEFAR news area.  Check back often for updated information, especially just prior to a launch.  Much of this information has already been distributed to club members.  This is simply an effort to place all the important details that effect club activities in one area. 


New Engine Vendor

Dennis Welch of New Horizons Hobbies will no longer be selling engines at NEFAR launches. We would like to thank Dennis for many years of support and assistance.

Engines will now be sold at (most) launches by Bernie of Giant Leap Rocketry. At each launch he will put up a sign telling whether or not he will be at the following launch. You can reach him via email at You can reach him by phone at 954-322-9393 or 954-914-6210 to place orders.

Lost and Found

Occasionally, rockets, rocket parts, and other items disappear into the sky.  Quite often, these items are found by other flyers or by the staff of the Clegg sod farm.  If you have lost such and item, be sure to ask about it at the next launch.  Any items that have been found, but not yet claimed will be posted below.  Also, if you lost something and you believe it to be on the field, send us an email and we will add it to the list below.  That way other flyers will be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Any items that are found will be stored in the equipment shed at the launch site until they are claimed.  Please inquire during a launch if you think an item belonging to you has been found.

Item Status Date Location/Other
PML BullPuppy 2.1. Drifted NW off of the field. Lost 5/8/04 Clegg Field


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