NEFAR - Waiver


On 10 January (2004?) we were informed by the FAA that the FAA & Daytona Tower reached an agreement on granting us a Waiver for launching rockets at the Clegg's Sod Farm!

We have been granted the following:

FAR 101 rules regarding 3.3 LB or less GVW (ie. unlimited altitude if the rocket including the motor weighs in at 3.3 pounds AND the motor FUEL accounts for no more than 125 grams of the 3.3 pounds. )

2000' altitude for any size rocket from sunrise to sunset on the 1st and 4th weekend of every month of the year 2004 when the waiver is activated the day before with the FAA (this is like everyone else).

The ability to call in the day of the launch to negotiate 15 minute windows up to 10,000' AGL at Daytona tower's discretion. We must inform them in writing the week prior to the launch that we will desire windows to what altitude.


The New Tripoli Insurance is in effect for all launches as of 1 Feb 2000. This policy is somewhat involved and I recommend looking at the following link:

Tripoli Insurance

We are also a chartered and insured NAR section.

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