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Welcome to NEFAR!

What to bring?  If you have never attended a launch like this, take heed...there are things you will need.

1.  Clothes.  Not just to be legal, but to be protected.  True, Florida is the "land of sunshine," but good old Mr. Sun gets mean after awhile.  Any skin that is not protected will be sunburned.  So save your bikini or (especially) your Speedo for the beach or the springs (just down the road!) and go for full coverage.  

2.  Shoes.  Wear good walking shoes too, especially if you plan to retrieve a rocket.  Not a bad idea to have backup shoes, too, so you don't have to drive home with muddy feet.    

3.  Hat.  Preferably one with a full 360 degree brim.  A bill-cap is better than nothing, but does not protect the neck, ears,and shoulders.

4.  Sunscreen.  
For the face, nose, and any other parts that the clothing does not cover.  Even with a hat, these parts will get lots of sun.

5.  Sunglasses.  NEFAR launches happen (mostly) in the daytime.  Our rockets go up, often toward the sun. Rocket flights will be much easier to watch if your eyes have a bit of protection.  

6.  Refreshments.  Water and other non-alcoholic beverages.  The Boy Scouts are "always prepared" with hamburgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks, so you could bring a little money instead.

7.  Pop-up canopy.We launch at a sod farm.  It's like the world's largest lawn, great for rocketry.  But there are no trees, no shade.  So if you have a canopy, beach umbrella, or some other portable shade-maker, not a bad idea to bring it along.  Also consider bringing a lawn chair or blanket if you want to sit on something other than that lovely grass.  

If you plan to fly:

1.  Bring Your rockets!  

2.  Motors, if you have them.  If you don't, our loyal vendors are likely to have a motor for you.  But if you want to be sure that the motor you need is there, good idea to contact a vendor ahead of time to verify and/or order the motor you want.  

3.  A little money for flight fees.  We charge $3.00 per day for NEFAR members, $5.00 per day for non-members.  These charges are used to defray launch costs and maintain/upgrade our equipment.  

Updated 9/5/2014 JY