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Weather and Launch Conditions

Aviation Weather Report

for Daytona Beach area
Relevance:  Covers the Bunnell launch site.
Includes hourly projections for wind direction, wind speed, cloud cover, temperature...
From Air Sports Net

Fire Danger Index - map of the State.  
Relevance:  We will be using the FDI this year, instead of the Drought Index.  
The thought is that it will allow us to fly more often.  We shall see....

Drought Index Map of the State of Florida
Relevance:  If the Drought Index is over 600 for our area, we can't launch.

NASA Interactive Weather
Relevance:  Real-time images direct from the GOES satellites, including animations.
Look at the pictures and see for yourself what the weather is doing.  
Global Hydrology and Climate Center at Marshall Space Flight Center, Birthplace of the Redstone!

FAWN - Florida Automated Weather Network
Relevance:  Data from automated weather stations scattered around the State.  
Stations are closer to our launch site than Daytona, and about as far inland.
Pierson Station (just South of the launch site)
Hastings Station (a few miles North of the launch site)

- Displays wind direction and speed all over the globe.  
Relevance:  Dunno.  But it's so cool, somebody here will find it useful.
Includes projections for the next few days.

Rev. 5/5/19 - GH