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Planning to do a record attempt?  Read the Rules and Regulations below.
Note that Cluster record rockets are classified by the total installed impulse.  
Example:  a rocket with three B6 motors (4.3Ns) each would fall into the "D" category, since 4.3Ns x 3 motors = 12.9Ns total thrust

Single-Motor Altitude Records
Impulse Class Date Motor Used Flyer's Name Rocket Name Apogee Altitude (feet)
1/4A and 1/2A ------------- ------------- -----No Current Record Holders----- ------------- -------------
A 4/12/14 A8-3 Cris Morris Miss America 350
A 11/08/08 A8-3 Brian Coyle 18mm Alti 147
B 2/11/12 B6-4 Aaron Rubinow Wizard 811
B 11/08/08 B6-4 Brian Coyle 18mm Alti 466
C 6//14/14 C6-5 Frank Favale Yankee 1437
C 6/8/13 C6-5 Frank Favale Yankee 1384
C 4/14/12 C6-5 Aaron Rubinow Ricochet 713
C 04/11/09 C11-3 Brian Coyle Scale India SLV-3 188
D 2/11/12 D12-5 Aaron Rubinow Super Nova Payloader 1224
D 12/10/11 D12-7 Bill Baldwin LOC Precision Mini-Bruiser EXP 24mm 1104
E 11/10/12 AT E15 White Lightning Aaron Rubinow Super Nova Payloader 2510
E 4/14/12 Estes E9-8 Bill Baldwin LOC Mini-Bruiser 2147
F 12/12/15 F10 Steve Boetto FX-2 5407
F 10/10/15 F51 Steve Boetto FX-1 4176
F 4/11/15 F30 Steve Boetto WILIS 2814
F 4/13/13 Aerotech F32-T Brent Rubinow Elypsis 2655
F 11/14/09 F32 Larry McAuliff Larry’s Revenge 1288
G 5/14/16 G125RL Brent Rubinow Black Hawk 29 4272
G 4/11/15 G125 Michael West Shredder 3234
G 11/8/14 G125 Anthony Favale Mach-N-Byrd 2849
G 5/11/13 CTI G54 Redline Chris Kokinda Warthog Short 2500
G 04/11/09 G80-10 Brian Coyle Cerveza 1444
H 09/08/12 CTI  H399WT Brent Rubinow Blackhawk 29 5791
H 6/13/10 H152 Darrell Holloway Trial & Error 1 3776
I 4/23/17 CTI I540-WT Greg Hassler Taranis IV 8955
I 09/10/10 CTI I-303 Blue Streak Darrell Holloway Trial and Error 2 6613
I 06/13/09 I-566 Vmax David Garven X-Cailbur 4871
I 06/13/09 I-315 Rudi Haselbauer 54 Scratch Built 3952
I 11/08/08 I-220 Skidmark Rudi Haselbauer Little Dog 2584
J 5/14/16 J484EX Chris Aubright Go Devil 9918
J 10/11/14 J760W Brent Rubinow Velocity Raptor 8839
J 7/9/11 J-350 Will Davenport Whiplash II 6029
J 09/10/10 CTI J-357 Blue Streak Darrell Holloway Trial and Error 3 5499
J 10/10/09 J-275 Gary Dahlke Quantum Leap 3 4527
J 04/11/09 J-355 Robb Haskins Talon IV 3819
K 5/14/16 K1103X Chris Aubright DarkStar 2.6 10,000
K 11/8/14 K261 Jason Cook EZ-I 65 9554
K 11/09/08 K610 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Snap Ring (1496 Ns experimental) Mike Kiss Poison Arrow 8565
L 10/11/14 L1030RL Brent Rubinow Wild Blue Yonder 9761
L 11/14/09 L700 Blue Baboon (dedicated to Paul Robinson) Rudi Haselbauer Somebody Pinch Me 6216
M 11/12/16 M1650EX Chris Aubright Black Brant 8642
6/9/12 M840 Brent Rubinow Ultimate Dark Star 7657 (altimeter 1)
8064 (altimeter 2)

Cluster Motor Altitude Records
Impulse Class Date Motors Used Flyer's Name Rocket Name Apogee Altitude (feet)
E 6/11/16 2 x D12-7 Phil Riley Titan II   723
E 5/9/15 4 x C6-5 Steve Boetto Chuck   445
I 5/9/15 3 x G80 Rob Underwood Fire Streak 2330
J 6/9/12 2 x H399
1 x I195
Brent Rubinow Cerberus 3134
J 06/13/09 1 x J335 Pro38 RR
2 x H123 Pro38 Skidmark
Brian Coyle Megga Mag 1674
L 4/11/15 2 x J425 Blue Streak
2 x J580 Smokey Sam
Michael West Revolver 5894
K through O ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

Multistage Rocket Motors

Impulse Class
Date Motors Used Flyer's Name Rocket Name Apogee Altitude (feet)
1/4A through I ------------- ------------- -----No Current Record Holders----- ------------- -------------
J 1/13/17 Booster:  I303 Blue Streak
2nd sStage:  H143 Smoky Sam
Tim Cubbedge Wildman 2-Stage 4642
J 02/09/09 Booster:  J335
2nd Stage:   H128
Gary Dahlke Quantum Leap 3 3244
Booster:  AT J520 WT
2nd Stage:  AT I154 BJ
Brent Rubinow Cerberus & Chimera 3814
L ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------


M 11/14/09 Booster:  M1500
2nd Stage:  K550
Gary Dahlke Quantum Leap 6 5100
N and O ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

NEFAR Altitude Records

Rules and Regulations

Effective October 2008, NEFAR has established running altitude records for flights taking place on Clegg Sod Farm.  We hope that this will add a fun challenge to our monthly launches.  The rules for the NEFAR altitude records are listed below.  For the moment the prize for being a record holder is simply pride and bragging rights.  Once your name is entered upon the revered (and virtual) plaque of rocketry heroes it will forever be enshrined there.  For those of you brave enough to do battle with the demons of the air, good luck! 

The altitude records are divided into three categories. 

1.  Single Motor

The first category is "Single Motor".  In single motor all pieces of the rocket must remain attached excepting recovery events (no boosted darts).  Obviously only one motor may be installed in the rocket. 

2.  Cluster Rockets

The second category is "Cluster".   In Cluster any number of motors can be used.  The total installed impulse determines which impulse class the rocket falls under.  The motors may be ignited on the pad or utilize air starts.  All pieces of the rocket must remain attached excepting standard recovery events (no strap on boosters or boosted darts). 

3.  Multi-Stage Rockets

The third category is "Multi-Stage".  In multi-stage any number of motors can be used.  The total installed impulse determines which impulse class the rocket falls under.  The stages may be configured in line or use strap on boosters.  The rocket must function as designed to qualify.  That means boosters must be jettisoned and recovered safely as well as successful ignition of all stages.

 Each category has an A - O impulse class, with cluster and multi-stage being the total installed impulse.  Flyers using EX motors must be able to present verification of the motor's total impulse. The flight must be made by a current NEFAR member in good standing during a scheduled NEFAR launch.  The flight MUST NOT EXCEED the club waiver altitude "window" of 10,000 feet.  The flight must be declared as an altitude record attempt prior to launch.  The rocket must be recovered intact, with all flight events occurring (deployments events, staging, etc.).  The rule of thumb is if the rocket would pass inspection for certification then the flight will be allowed.  The apogee altitude must be recorded by a commercial altimeter with the data being presented to a NEFAR officer for verification after the flight is complete but before the launch is terminated for the day. 

If your flight exceeds the apogee altitude of the current record holder by 5% then your flight becomes the new record holder.  If there are multiple record attempts for a single category on the same launch day then the highest qualified flight will recorded.  Previous records will be kept and will still be viewable on the NEFAR website.

Current record holder is shown as the first entry of the motor class and has a yellow background.  Past record holders are shown below the current, and are listed from most recent to oldest. Past record holders are shown with a turquoise background.  If the number of record holders in a single motor class becomes too long for convenient viewing, the older records will be moved to the "Historic Records" page.

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