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News Flash:  NEFAR needs a new launch site.

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NEFAR needs a launch site

Thanks to the Cleggs for their many years of faithful support!

With the sod farm changing to a different crop that is incompatible with rocketry, NEFAR must stand down.  
After many years of successful launches there, we need a new site.
If you have land in North Central Florida, and an interest in promoting safe, exciting, and educational rocket activities, please consider us.
NEFAR is considered one of the finest rocket clubs in country, with an excellent record of safety and innovation.  

To be a suitable for launches, the site must:

Be at least 1/4th mile square, and relatively clear of trees and other rocket-catchers.
Allow fllights to liftoff at least 1/4th mile from any inhabited building or busy road.
5 miles or more from the nearest airport (unless it IS an airport)
Be FAA-permissible to fly to high altitudes (we will negotiate with the FAA to determine this)

Common sites for these launches include sod farms, cattle ranches, hay farms, and undeveloped land.  
We are very respectful of the landowner's needs and wishes, considering it a privilege to fly.
NEFAR is affilliated with several local colleges and universities, providing mentorship for student groups and allowing them to fly safely.
We adhere under the rules of Tripoli Rocketry Association, under which rocketry is among the safest of sports.
As a Tripoli club, our flight activities are covered under their insurance.

If you have an interest, or know of someone who might, please contact one of our officers or the Webmaster.

Thank you for your consideration!
Jimmy Yawn, Webmaster
(352) 281-2025 (cell)

Updated 1217/18 JY