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NEFAR launches are held at the Clegg Sod Farm, a few miles southwest of Bunnell, FL

Address is 11680 County Road 305, Bunnell, FL

Lat & Long:  29.331950 -81.352590
This is the point where you turn off the paved road CR 305
onto one of the dirt roads that runs into the sod farm.

Map to NEFAR launch site
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Turning off CR305
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Turn off CR305 onto the dirt road and look for the pop-up canopies to the east or south.
Depending on wind direction, we may set up at one end or the other.

Beware of the ditches at this site.  They are deep and steep.

Avoid driving on the sod any more than necessary.  It is the farm's product.

If you must open a gate, CLOSE IT IMMEDIATELY BEHIND YOU.  Or else the cows might get out, the owner get mad, and other dire things may happen.  

Updated 3/21/16 JY