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 High Power Highlights 1

Our cert 1 flights and a couple launches from the Tampa Tripoli  “Goddard” launch

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(44 meg .wmv file, 6:00 playtime)


High Power Highlights 2

Alma point 39 field. Last launch before LDRS XV.  Quest for fire maiden flight, and “hybrid” (at that time new) flights.

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(15 meg .wmv file,  playtime)

Ballistic Brothers


High Power Highlights 3

LDRS XV. Just some cool footage, and a couple of Scott’s flights there including the always famous Bruiser Drag Race.

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(63 meg .wmv file,  8:39 playtime)



High Power Highlights 4

Alma Point 39 field. Scott’s Cert II. My homewrecker on a K550, and SMD on a I to I 2 stage.

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(17 meg .wmv file,  2:27 playtime)

High Power Highlights 5

Orangeburg Freedom Launch 1997. Really nice high power (K+) flights

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(47 meg .wmv file, 6:27  playtime)

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