TRA/NAR logos NEFAR Launch
March 14, 2009
Clegg Sod Farm, Bunnell, FL
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Note that the order of appearance on this page is not the actual flying order.  

Micro Max - Brian Coyle
Staged Snitch
B to B - Greg Lukach
Micro Max
Brian Coyle
Big Bertha
E9 - Bill Stafford
(9 meg .wmv file, 70 seconds playtime)

Big Bertha - Bill Stafford - E9

Blue Dart - Scott Borders - 2xE9 Flash
B6 - Tricia Seaton
Blue Dart
2xE9 - Scott Borders
Frick & Frack
C6 to C6 - Tom Tweit
(10 meg .wmv file, 96 seconds playtime)

Flash - Tricia

UDDO -Tom-Tweit- E9 Alpha III
E9 - Tom Tweit
Crayon Rocket
F50 - Bernie Lalime
(10 meg .wmv file, 101seconds playtime)

Crayon Rocket - Bernie Lalime - F50

Wile E. Coyote
Brian Coyle

(NN meg .wmv file, XXXseconds playtime)


-  John Seaton, for many of the "Liftoff" shots used in this page.  Click Here to see his gallery!
- The NEFIRE Cloggers - for their entertaining and effective moves.
-  All Flyers, who made this launch possible.  

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Jimmy Yawn
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