Radio Frequencies List
NEFAR has purchased a PR-100 radio location system for its members to use.  The club owns three transmitters, which members can borrow for their flights.  Some members have elected to purchase their own transmitters.  Also, several have purchased Eggtimer transmitters.  Jason Cook has thoughtfully compiled a list of the frequencies used by these transmitters, so that any new purchases will not conflict with those already owned by the club or its members.  It should also help determine which transmitters can be used simultaneously.  

If you have a transmitter and would like it to be entered into this page, or if you see any errors, please let us know.

Frequencies used by NEFAR and it's members' tracking devices, 

Updated 4/13/19

Altus Metrum

TeleGPS - 435.050 (Ch. 5) Chris Aubright
TeleMega - 425.350 (Ch. 8) Chris Aubright
434.550 (switchable)  Tim Cubbedge

Apogee Simple GPS Tracker

907.250 MHz Bill Morris

Big Red Bee RF Beacon

432.1 mHz Chris Aubright
433.975 mHz Chris Masullo


911-7 Deepam Rana
913-5 Don Edvalson
915-0 Dan Brinings
917-5 Brad Grant
919-0 Steve Moon
921-0 Michael West
923-2 David Keisling
923-3 David Keisling
925-5 Tim Cubbedge

PR-100A Tracking Transmitter Stations

60 222.250MHz Tim Cubbedge
70 222.450MHz NEFAR
73 222.610MHz? Robb Haskins
80 222.650MHz NEFAR
87 222.790MHz- HP Jason Cook 
90 222.850MHz Bill Fields
91 222.870MHz NEFAR
95 222.950MHz David Keisling
00 223.110MHz Greg Hassler 

Rev. 14/13/18  JY