Rockets For Sale

Rockets for Sale - William Nicely
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1. Mad Cow Rocketry– Phoenix-- Length 40.5", Dia. 4", 38mm, Only fired once.

2. Mad Cow Rocketry–Sea Wolf– Length 47.5", Dia. 4", 38mm, Never fired.

3. Mad Cow Rocketry–AGM 33 Pike– Length 66.5", Dia.4", 38mm, with Altimeter

Bay Upgrade. Never fired.

4. Mad Cow Rocketry– Bomarc–Length 45.25", Dia. 2.6", 29mm, Only fired once

5. Mad Cow Rocketry– 23B Hawk–Length 36.25", Dia 2.6", 29mm, Never fired

6. LOC Precision– Expediter–Length 95', Dia 4", 54mm with a added 24" Electronic Bay

With a Public Missile CRP 3000, a adapter for 38mm & 29mm. Never fired

7. Mad Cow Rocketry-- Mega Cowabunga Fiberglass, Length 96", Dia 8", 75mm.

With 2 optional payload sections to make a dual deployment electronic bay.

Just needs parachutes.

8. AeroTech 38mm, and 29mm, reload adapter System, AeroTech 29/40-120 reload

9. Perfect Flite StratoLogger SL100 with USB cable, never used.

All prices are nego.,I’ll be at next launch in August or can call me on cell.


William Nicely