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Flight Card Options:

1.  Traditional    
As in the days of yore, we will have pre-printed flight cards at the launch.  
                                           So you can still just grab one at the LSO table and fill it out right then and there.  
                                           ... while everyone who did #2 or #3 gets ahead of you in the rush to the pads!

2.  Print and Write
HTML format - Print from your web browser, then fill it out by hand and bring it to the launch.
            Portable Documnent format - prints nicely, then you fill it out by hand.  

3.  Edit and Print
Word format - Lets you fill in all the blanks, then print it out nice and neat!
            Rich Text format - Don't have/don't like Word?  This "universal" format works with most word processors.  
                                       So you should be able to use it on an Apple, Linux system, maybe even your cell phone.

Note that you may capture any of these documents for future use - right-click on the link, select "Save Link As..." and put it where you can find it.

Jimmy Yawn
rev. 12/24/12