NEFAR supports and encourages rocketeers to gain their certifications to fly high-power rockets.

Why certify?

Certification is not required to fly low-power model rockets (A-E motor impulse) or mid-power (F or G impulse)
You can do a lot of flying and  have a lot of fun with low- and mid-power rockets.  It's enough for many rocketeers.

In order to fly high-power rockets H impulse and higher, the flyer must be certified at the appropriate level.
Check out our Video Gallery for examples of rockets flying on these motors

Certification requires that the flyer be:
Both the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) offer Certification programs.

The TRA and NAR programs are similar overall, but differ in details.  Here are the rules for NAR and Tripoli

Note that you must be a member of one of these organizations at the time you make your certification flights.  You can't fly first and join later!

NEFAR Certification Contact Persons:  

L1 & L2:  TRA Prefect Scott Borders
L3: Tripoli Technical Advisor Panel (TAP) members Gary Dahlke or Greg Lukach (TAPs can also serve as backup for Tripoli L1 & L2 certifications)

L1:  Any NAR L1 + another NAR adult member; OR any NAR L2 or L3
L2: Any NAR L2 + another NAR adult member; OR any NAR L3
L3: NAR Level 3 Coordinating Committee (L3CC) members, Greg Lukach or Gary Dahlke

Confused?  That's OK.  This is Rocket Science.  Smart people get help.

We strongly suggested finding a mentor, someone who has done rocketry a lot, and is willing to guide you throught the process.

NEFAR is rich with potential mentors. People who are very knowledgeable, and happy to share.

Send us a note, and we can talk about who might be best qualified to work with you and your rocketry projects.

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